Status update on my Drupal contribution efforts


Thought I'd give a quick update on my personal contribution efforts, given I'm involved in so many different projects.

Metatag for Drupal 7

The Drupal 7 version of Metatag is pretty darned solid at this point. Some tests were added recently that will make sure the output works correctly for all tests, so the next release might be the last for a while. Speaking of which, I'm planning to do a bug fix release on December 31st.

Metatag for Drupal 8

This is overdue for a stable release, and the good news is that we're almost there. Here's what my current goals are:


Will include all(-ish) of the meta tags that D7 has; I'm hoping to get some others working on these, at this point it's (almost) just a case of running some Drupal Console commands a whole bunch of times.


Will probably try to add the Views integration, given some lovely people were kind enough to put together a patch (


Needs some documentation, and any major bugs that show up in rc1 will be fixed.

Panelizer for Drupal 7

This is pretty stable, but needs a few more bugs fixed and a new release (

Panelizer for Drupal 8

Some great people have been taking care of this while I've been busy elsewhere. I took a peek this past week and helped a little plan out the goals for the 8.x-3.0 release, with a beta1 ( due really soon and a stable shortly thereafter.

Fieldable Panels Panes for Drupal 7

FPP is pretty stable at this point, but has some awkward bits when it's used on a multilingual site; it needs a bit of work.

Everything else

There's also GoogleNews, Menu MiniPanels, Maillog, Phonetic, Code Per Node/CPN, Twitter, etc, etc. Those may get some TLC at some point, but unless a project shows up that needs improvements on them they're going to be waiting a while I'm afraid. Of course this is a perfect opportunity for enterprising souls out there to help out - if you're interested please let me know!

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