Three positive things, day forty nine


Tuesday is my ... Tuesday?

The first positive thing was starting to sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair to help with my posture. It went pretty well, except for when Kian went rolling off with it - I said something like "Kian, please put the ball back at my desk" to which he responded - "no, baby ball." :-D Well, I laughed anyway.

The second positive thing was Liam doing something around the kitchen counter - I forget what, that part doesn't matter. So he asked if we had Dunkin Donuts food, because he thought he smelled it. As he was standing right beside the garbage can his mom asked if that meant that the garbage smelled like Dunkin Donuts, to which I asked if that meant that Dunkin Donuts smelled like garbage? LOL. They laughed :)

The third positive thing was my weekly ukulele class, which is always a great time :)

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