Why the "Lost in Space" is a huge Meh


I've watched both seasons of the "Lost in Space" reboot on Netflix and I've found it to be monumentally meh. While it is true that space is life in "Hard" mode, IMHO there were several pieces that made me think the show runners / script writers either just didn't either think things through, or were told to really dial down the realism.

The first thing that stood out was how at the beginning of season 2 they had enough resources to start farming, and they picked corn as their first crop. Corn is one of the least nutritious crops you can grow, so did they choose it because they didn't know any better (and didn't bother spending five minutes on google) or were they told to pick corn because people would recognize it?

The second thing was the garbage pickup. They had garbage collection like is done today where there's negligible consideration for reuse, recycling, composting, etc - everything was just bundled into huge garbage bags and dumped in a waste disposal section. With the minimal amount of resources they have in space, why wouldn't they have a significant effort to make the absolute maximum use of everything, including all waste products? Did they either not think it through, or again did someone tell them to make it match life today so people would understand?

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