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In an effort to take the title as the worst movie studio on the face of the planet way from current title holders The Asylum, Maverick Entertainment decided to rip off Star Trek with a truly horrible waste of time.  Lets take a quick list of the bad parts:

  • A snoozeworthy five minute monologue explaining their way from the space race to "FTL drives", to colonizing multiple planets and to the ubiquitous war,
  • A Star Trek-like font is used for the main title,
  • Horrible acting,
  • Pathetic "special" effects,
  • Terrible editing which in some cases leaves people just standing there for several seconds before they either read the next line off their queue cards or hit someone / something,
  • An utterly pathetic rip-off of Klingons as a genetically modified cybernetic human sub-species that randomly place high-voltage splayed power cables in their chest "gadget box" to "recharge",
  • A story that makes you want to instead read the intellectually superior "Go Dog, Go".

This has everything you need to get a good drinking game going, if you don't go insane first.  I forced myself to watch 25 minutes of this crud just so I'd have some ammunition to rip it to shreds, but at that I hit the eject button - the only reason I didn't immediately destroy the DVD was because it was rented from Blockbuster.

As a minor example of just how desperate they were with the script, they actually had the line "I'm a doctor, not a soldier damn it!"

Do not rent this movie!


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