Today I learned a few things, which I thought I'd share.

First off, you can dash your child's dreams by saying "ask your mom to come out for breakfast" when he was all psyched about bringing his mom breakfast in bed. So just roll with it.

Second, toddlers will be really confused about usage of the word "home" when it describes a place you live, a really fun movie and the soundtrack for said movie. Especially when you start saying "we'll watch 'Home' when we get home" or "we'll listen to the 'Home' music when we're on our way home but right now mommy wants to listen to Coldplay". So be patient with him and make sure you're specific with with 'home' you're talking about at any particular point in time.

Third, Launch Trampoline Parks, like the one in Nashua, NH are a heck of a lot of fun, and they work really well as a Mother's Day, presuming said mother is in reasonable health and physically capable of bouncing around. Pack some Motrin for afterwards, though, just in case ;-)

Fourth, if you're going to a trampoline park and have had any concerns about your knees or ankles, put on a brace on the appropriate before you go and jump around so that you don't end up injuring yourself with the first fifteen minutes. You twit. Also, sorry honey.

Fifth, pharmacies (and probably grocery stores) sell the usual joint braces, but also instant cold packs that you just squeeze and the chemicals inside combine to become a frozen slush that can be used to wrap injuries.

Sixth, even though minivans are higher up off the ground than a regular car, they can still be difficult to get into and out of when your knee is injured.

Seventh, every able-bodied family should have a pair of expandable crutches, you never know when you might need them. Like today, after the aforementioned knackering of a knee after bouncing on trampolines.

Eight, having a house that is accessible can prove valuable at unexpected times. Having a house that is not very accessible can prove to be a serious PITA at unexpected times.

Ninth, having an poorly accessible house can make your plans for grilling for dinner go right out the window. Dangit.

Tenth, always keep an eye on your toddler when their in a shopping trolly seat, you never know what they might grab and throw into the trolly when you're not looking.

Eleventh, surprise packets of dark chocolate with almonds is rather tasty, though it doesn't quite make up for the gammy knee.

Twelfth, some fruit juices may look like cat urine when it's spilled on white-colored bedding, and a cat may scratch at it, but it won't smell like cat urine and so it may have been caused by the toddler instead of an upset cat.

Thirteenth, tell your family that you love them and appreciate their help when everything is going well, it helps fosters their compassion and willingness to help when things are not going well.

Rough plan for planning to port a site to Drupal 8


I have a small freelance client whose site I've offered to port to D8 pro-bono as a learning exercise for myself and a friend who's learning Drupal. It'll take a number of months to do, even though architecturally it's a small site, but that's fine. My very first step was to create an initial plan on what steps we'd need to do to to plan the site build. Seeing as this list ended up being completely generic, I figured I'd share it.

A plan for planning a site migration to Drupal 8

  • Create site architecture plan
  • Create content type plan
  • Create vocabularies plan
  • Create data migration plan
  • Create theming plan
  • Identify what contrib work needs to be done
  • Identify what custom work needs to be done

And that's it! But it at least gives us a plan on how to start planning our work.

I'll try to post more info as we go.


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