Three positive things, day sixty one (catching up)


(posting a day late)

After the busy Saturday we had a quieter Sunday.

The first positive thing was having a cup of Starbucks for the first time in... ages. And it was their Pumpkin Spice Latte. And it was definitely better than previous years - not as sickeningly sweet, so thanks for the improvement, Starbucks.

The second positive thing was having #awesomewife's homemade pizza for lunch. It doesn't take too long to put together, especially when using pre-made dough, and being able to control the sauce (home made, from the last time she made a pot of spaghetti sauce) & toppings lets us make it exactly the way we want. And this one was delicious.

The third positive thing was watching the movie Home with our kids. Their mom had taken them to see it when it first came out, so it was nice to watch with them. It's a fun movie.

Three positive things, day sixty (catching up)


(posting a few days late)

Le weekend!

The first positive thing today was .. hitting the beach! As with last weekend, we decided to head to the coast, so we drove the 2 1/2 hours to just inside the Maine border. We took a bit more precaution this time than last, so there weren't any sunburns, and we had some good fun.

The second positive thing was sharing a blueberry muffin with Kian while the rest had some extra time at the beach. By the time we decided how to unload the gang to get to the beach we had two problems - all of the parking spots everywhere were full, and Kian was asleep. So I dropped the three others off at a nearby parking lot, and took Kian to another parking lot just over a mile down the road so he could nap. As these things happen, he woke up just as we were pulling out of the parking lot, so I headed off anyway and hung around for an hour, including stopping off at a small chocolatier 'n bakery for said muffin to share with Kian. Then I bundled him up in the stroller and headed off to join the others.

The third positive thing was keeping the kids awake on the drive home so that they'd all sleep well - it took a bit of coaxing, as Kian really wanted to fall asleep, but we made it. And, oh goodness, but did Kodiak need to go potty when we got home :-)

Three positive things, day fifty nine (catching up)


(posting a few days late)

Hello Friday!

The first positive thing was Aidan's first day at his first job. Yes, you read that right. The day before their mom took them to an orchard a few miles out the road. They got talking with the woman who runs the orchard when she jokingly mentioned that Aidan could come over to pick up all the apples off the ground before other people came to pick them, and he said "ok". So #awesomewife decided to use it as a learning exercise for him. Every weekday morning he has to show up at the orchard and pick up the fruit that has fallen since the previous evening, and he gets paid a few dollars for it. We're not making him cover the cost of the gas to 'n from the farm as it's only a few miles away, which is also part of why his mom agreed to it. We'll only do it for a week or two, because they were having enough difficulties juggling the week, but it's still working out to be a nice learning exercise for him.

The second positive thing was finishing a busy week at work.

The third positive thing was getting in some ukulele practice, and continuing to formulate a plan to teach the kids a tune.

Three positive things, day fifty eight (catching up)


(posting a few days late)

Thursday happened.

The first positive thing was someone posting a link to an (NSFW) interview with Amanda Palmer and two others that was part of her book tour from last year. I didn't know much of her before that, but I the interview left me very interested and wanting to know more of her work. Which led to..

The second positive thing was discovering that Ms Palmer had posted a full concert of her and some support artists from this past June.

The third thing Drupal training with my #awesomewife and her friend. Tonight we spent a lot of time talking about some things so only worked on text formats and some basic HTML, we'll get into images next time.

Three positive things, day fifty seven (catching up)


(posting a few days late)

Today was Wednesday and that meant...

The first positive thing was Kian picking up a potato from a box of spuds his mum had brought home from the store, and then just running around the house with it. I don't know whether to blame that on some genetic memory of his Irish heritage that tells him potatoes are important, or he was just being a toddler, but either way.. lol!

The second positive thing was doing a security release for a Drupal plugin/module I maintain. I'm always impressed by how much emphasis the Drupal community places on security, and it's always a pleasure to be a part of it.

The third positive thing was going bowling with my friend and coworker, Matt Goodwin, and our families. We actually focused even less on the bowling this time that we did last time, but we still had fun.


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