Microsoft drops key features from another product

In yet another astonishing move, Microsoft has just announced that it's upcoming virtualization system, Windows Server Virtualization, will be missing three of the key reasons businesses were anticipating it: live migrations of running virtual machines between servers, "hot" system resource upgrades (i.e. increase the amount of RAM designated to a VM while it is still running), and support for more than 16 CPU cores (spread over however many physical CPUs there happen to be).


Site DNS updating

I'm migrating the DNS to a different facility, so please bare with us during this minor migration. The change is being done in a two-step process, first I updated the DNS so that the new nameservers were listed along with the old ones, then I'm going to remove the old ones. This should ensure that there isn't a blip period where the site is unavailable.


Migrate SSL certs from IIS to Apache

Migrating away from IIS feels like taking a breath of air on a cool, crisp morning - it is thoroughly invigorating and refreshes your entire body^H^H^H^Hserver. Aside from the basic site configuration, the only tricky part is getting the SSL certificates out of IIS and into Apache. As it turns out there are only a few short steps - export the certificate out of IIS, run three commands in DOS and then hook 'em up in your httpd.conf!


Apache log rotation on Windows (update)

Way back when I wrote how to do log rotation for Apache on Windows. Well, as it turns out there's a better way that is available with the recent discover of - there's a module/plugin for Apache that can do log rotation automagically called mod_log_rotate that'll be easier to use and won't leave tonnes of zombie tasks running if you restart Apache. Much nicer.



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