Water is great, but not on your floor


When you awaken out of bed at 12:30am to discover that your feet are wet when hitting the ground - panic. That's what I discovered last night, after having only gone to bed at 11:30pm. The water leaked from the kitchen through the entire house and onto the back porch / Florida room leaving around half an inch of water everywhere. Thankfully two inlaws came over to help so by 4:30am it was almost all dried up. Many things have been damaged, including all of our beds, some furniture and electronics, but our two main computers were luckily off the ground, including my laptop which I'd left sitting on a couch. Luckily we'd just taken out the Christmas tree, otherwise the problem could have been very much worse as it had cables and connectors dangling on the ground. I've got a claim in with the insurance company, now I just need to get a list made up of everything that was damaged. Argh.

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