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This week Ryan Price of DrupalEasy.com, friend of a few years and all-round awesome guy, invited me to join him and Mike Anello, who's also awesome, on their bi-weekly podcast - what an honor! We chatted for about 35 minutes about lots of things Drupal-related included the new Panels 3 beta, scaling, and the site I recently launched for work, scubadiving.com.

It was my first time ever on a podcast and was lots of fun. Unfortunately I had to rush off at the end for a legal matter (car accident from last year) so the discussion got cut off a little too quickly and I didn't get a chance to explain much of how Drupal was able to make the site development easier than had I used other tools, so expect some related blog posts soon.

Thanks for having me on the show, Ryan & Mike!

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Go Bro! :) you are certainly

Go Bro! :) you are certainly keeping busy and making a name for yourself! :) Fairplay to you!
Dee x

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