Helping to make DrupalEasy again


The Most Excellent gentlemen Ryan Price and Mike Anello had me on their DrupalEasy.com podcast again this week. The main theme of the show was Drupal conferences - they discussed DrupalCon Paris which they both attended while I covered the regional DrupalCamp Atlanta, followed up with an announcement of the forthcoming DrupalCamp Florida 2010. Additionally for their Pick of the Week segment I highlighted the pretty great Taxonomy Manager module which I've used to manage major taxonomy changes without loosing track / going crazy. Thanks for having me on again, guys!

I'm on the radio!


This week Ryan Price of DrupalEasy.com, friend of a few years and all-round awesome guy, invited me to join him and Mike Anello, who's also awesome, on their bi-weekly podcast - what an honor! We chatted for about 35 minutes about lots of things Drupal-related included the new Panels 3 beta, scaling, and the site I recently launched for work, scubadiving.com.

It was my first time ever on a podcast and was lots of fun. Unfortunately I had to rush off at the end for a legal matter (car accident from last year) so the discussion got cut off a little too quickly and I didn't get a chance to explain much of how Drupal was able to make the site development easier than had I used other tools, so expect some related blog posts soon.

Thanks for having me on the show, Ryan & Mike!

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