My Drupalcamp Wisconsin presentations


Over the past two days a number of Drupal developers from around the country converged in the college town of Madison, WI to share & learn. It was good seeing a few people I'd met before and great to meet several others, plus sample some really tasty druplicons :-)

I volunteered to do two presentations and had a good time with both. As promised, here are the slides from the presentations:

If you attended either of the presentations please let me know what you thought, particularly if there's anything you think I could improve on for next time.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a great Drupalcamp, particularly the organizers, the University of Wisconsin which housed the event, and the many sponsors who kept us clothed and fed.


Hi Damien, I've enjoyed both

Hi Damien,

I've enjoyed both of your sessions, I came across your LinkedIn post as I'm on LinkedIn too, I've tried to see if I can print your slides but I can't see too? Is there a direct link to these files to download to print? Please let me know. Thank you for presenting very helpful as I'm a Drupal newbie!

Jennifer Niles

I attended the Drupal Site

I attended the Drupal Site Structures session and thought it was great! I am now trying to implement something similar.

Drupal is so slick! I took the following steps to get a basic site structure built:

  • I imported taxonomy terms using taxonomy_csv which gave me a nice hierarchical vocabulary.
  • I then used taxonomy_menu to build out the menu under Primary Links.
  • A quick batch run later using taxonomy_node and I've created a node for each term! Whew!
  • I have Panels set up to override the taxonomy/term/tid path and I have my content being pulled in from all the work I've done above. Awesome!

My question is, do you have any thoughts on how I should go about displaying the term pages (rather than the content type I set up using taxonomy_node) in the standard Drupal search results? The problem is, when I search for, say, "About Us" I get a listing of nodes. Normally that would be fine but I want to index either the taxonomy terms or the panel data.

Any suggestions would be great!


shawngo: there's no way to

shawngo: there's no way to index compiled pages like the taxonomy/term/tid page or a Panel page in its entirety using any of the current Drupal search engine modules, the only way to achieve that is to use a 3rd party service that considers each page as a whole object rather than Drupal modules which look at node data; my Searching Drupal notes might help.

Jennifer: You should be able

Jennifer: You should be able to click the zero/"0" hover link in the bottom-right of the page, but the inline CSS I added to make images float has broken the rest of the document. I'll work on it.

I came to that conclusion

I came to that conclusion which lead me to re-think exactly /what/ I should be doing on these pages. I was thinking in terms of how Panels Node templates work rather than how native taxonomy urls work. When trying to "undo Drupal" it may be best to step back and rethink the problem :)

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