My Drupalcamp Wisconsin presentations


Over the past two days a number of Drupal developers from around the country converged in the college town of Madison, WI to share & learn. It was good seeing a few people I'd met before and great to meet several others, plus sample some really tasty druplicons :-)

I volunteered to do two presentations and had a good time with both. As promised, here are the slides from the presentations:

If you attended either of the presentations please let me know what you thought, particularly if there's anything you think I could improve on for next time.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a great Drupalcamp, particularly the organizers, the University of Wisconsin which housed the event, and the many sponsors who kept us clothed and fed.

Come to DrupalCamp Florida on Feb 7th, 2009


Anyone who has February 7th (2009) available, and who isn't already going to the excellent Acts_as_Conference, should take a trip to Altamonte Springs for DrupalCamp Florida! This new event promises a day's worth of free presentations on all things Drupal from some of Florida's best consultants and advanced users, including the exceedingly talented Ryan Price. I've proposed a few talks myself, and the unconference-style of the weekend will mean almost anyone with a bit of experience should feel comfortable taking a few minutes to share something with the rest of the group. At the time of writing there are about 50 people signed up, so there's plenty more space available. I strongly recommend anyone interested in content management, or even just PHP, take at least some time out of their day on the 7th to come along for a look-see.

In addition to the presentations on the 7th there's an effort to have a workshop / group help-like setup for the 8th, and hopefully we'll get to put some of our skills to good use helping others and learning more.

Be there!

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