Amazing photos from Kentucky's horrendous ice storm


Kentucky has been going through some tough times with a horrendous ice storm that has devastated the western side of the state. Someone posted a link to a blog of a KY inhabitant detailing the destruction with some breathtaking photos and a note that they don't expect to receive power for several more weeks. Ugh. The conversation with my wife included the following:

Wife: "This is a storm of a century, something that only happens once in a lifetime!"

Me: "How many of those have we had in the past few years?"

Drupal discovers the world of public-access wiki editing


200811192054.jpgThose wonderful people in the Drupal community have been awesome citizens and have stepped up to the plate after the Drupal documentation team opened the doors for anyone to contribute to the official online "handbook" documentation.

The previous situation only allowed certain individuals to edit pages, so if while strolling along through the pages you happened to notice an inaccuracy or something you thought you could explain better you had to either write a comment or email the person in charge of it.

Now, after a month-long experiment has worked out nicely, the powers that be have decided to leave the open-editing on so everyone can benefit from the continued goodwill.

Yay! :-D

I just love Drupal's architecture - export & API hooks


While the architecture itself is improving with age, I just love that so many modules have followed Drupal's concepts and have added API hooks all over the place. For example, in the new Panels 2 you can export panels to files then set them up in a module with e.g. a default_panel_minis hook to have them automatically loaded. This allows you then to develop complex views and panels locally, push your module to the production server and have the new views and panels automatically show up - pure awesomeness! More details on how to do this later in my ongoing series of Drupal rants & tutorials.

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