My Drupal conference attendance and community participation plans for 2013


As some of you may know, my wife and I are expecting our third child in early July. This will have a major effect on my contributions to the Drupal community for the second half of the year, but I'd like to map out my intentions for the year as a whole as I need to make the decisions now.


I will continue to organize the monthly meetup in our adopted home of Keene, NH, though I know for certain I will have to skip the July meetup and possibly the August one too. Because the July meetup would fall on Independence Day, and the second Thursday will see a meetup in Manchester, we may just skip July entirely and have someone else lead the August meetup.

Drupalcamp Western Mass

I had intended to present at the recent Drupalcamp Western Mass 2013 but a death in the family meant we had to travel to Florida for a month. Hopefully next year.


I will not be attending Drupalcon Portland this year. At that point in late May my wife will be six weeks away from delivery and I'm concerned at how well she would be able to cope with handling our two kids at the same time, never mind any complications that may arise. Rather than take any risks I'm deciding now that I won't attend. I will really miss attending, mostly the fact I won't get to see the many great people in the Drupal community I've gotten to know over the past few years, and especially some of the people who have started their own families since Drupalcon 2012 (wave to Dave and Jenny Reid), but the timing just doesn't work this year.

Hopefully (please, please, please!!!) Drupalcon 2014 will be on the East coast and we'll be able to make a family trip of it, like we did for Drupalcon Chicago in 2011.

Drupalcamp NH

Work is in progress on the third Drupalcamp to be held in New Hampshire. While the planning is just getting going we're hopeful to have one in October-ish. I'll be helping to organize this as much as I can and will attend, though details are obviously sketchy.

Drupalcamp Atlanta

My amazing employer, Mediacurrent, organizes a Drupalcamp in Atlanta, GA every year and has done so since 2009, which incidentally what the first time I met my current boss, Dave Terry. I'm hoping to attend this, though I'm not sure exactly how we'll juggle it.

Other events

While I'm limiting some travel due to the impending arrival, there are other events before the Summer that I do plan on attending:

Drupal 8 Code Sprint Weekend

On March 9th and 10th there's a world-wide code sprint planned to both help developers get familiar with Drupal 8 and get more eyeballs working towards improving Drupal 8. Given I'm going to miss Drupalcon I've decided to travel the 2 1/2 hours to Boston for the code sprint at Acquia's headquarters in Burlington, MA so I can at least say hi to some friends I've not seen in a year. If you're there and know me I expect a hug :)

Boston's Design4Drupal

Given the event is so close (June 22/23) to our baby's due date I may attend the 2013 Design4Drupal, but we may also have a baby at that point so I can't say for certain. The organizers have also not officially announced it so

Any others?

Know of any Drupal events in New England before July? Let me know and I may very well attend, and if I do I'll be more than happy to do a presentation.

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