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Brighthouse launches tiered Internet services

Brighthouse Networks, who we use for our Internet service at home, just sent out their price list for 2006 which had a surprise in store: they've finally added tiered pricing on their Internet services. In plain Engrish this means that you now have a choice of three different packages for high-speed Internet from them:


New video editing software for work

At work today I had need to convert a DVD to Windows Media and Quicktime formats, and trim the video by about a minute (out of a 9 minute DVD). After looking at the options one seemed like it'd be the best choice - Pinnacle Studio Plus 10, which is easy to use, can output a whole bunch of formats and apparently import existing DVD content (provided the DVD is not encrypted, i.e. something you make yourself).


Think our laptop is old? Try this for size?

Attempting to get Windows 2000 Professional on our laptop was an interesting event, moreso because of drivers than anything else, but I never thought of trying Windows XP because everyone knows it has higher memory requirements, right? Take a look at this for size :-)


Google stands up to BellSouth's Orwellian plans

Some excellent news from the wire, if you excuse the pun. Google has told BellSouth it will not pay the extortion fees that the Baby Bell is looking to push on high-traffic websites, stating, quite obviously, that the consumer already pays for the bandwidth as part of the monthly subscriptions. Three cheers for Google!



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