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Site DNS updating

I'm migrating the DNS to a different facility, so please bare with us during this minor migration. The change is being done in a two-step process, first I updated the DNS so that the new nameservers were listed along with the old ones, then I'm going to remove the old ones. This should ensure that there isn't a blip period where the site is unavailable.


Why IT magazines are worthless (updated)

Today the Harry McCracken, editor-in-chief of PC World magazine, resigned because he was unhappy with the company's new CEO pushing the magazine to be "nicer" to vendors who advertise in the magazine rather than being honest in their reviews & coverage. That pretty much sums up my feelings on the whole IT industry print media - it's all a circlefudge, everyone patting themselves on the back afraid to say anything that might upset the applecart, and I applaud Mr McCracken for standing up against it.


New Commodore company signs own death warrant

The company Commodore, once known for calculators, then this really awesome home computer (C=64), then this even more awesome computer (Amiga), then for management incomptence which ultimately led to its demise in the early 90's, is finally back to market with... a stupid PC with a fancy paint job. Yep, that's right, after being known for innovation they're selling a Windows-based PC aimed at the games market. What a total waste of twenty years of good PR. Idiots. I don't expect them to last very long.



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