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Mozy Backup - 2gb of online encrypted backup for free

I've mentioned Mozy Backup before, a service that gives you 2gb of free online backup space for your Windows or Mac computer. Well they've just released their "version 1.0" update for the Mac software so I think it's time to give it a go, you have nothing to loose. One minor note - I really wouldn't recommend trying the service if you only have a dialup internet service, it will take a long time to upload your data on a modem though once the first backup is finished additional ones should run pretty quickly for most people.


Beware Prolific PL3507-based Firewire enclosures

In the interests if keeping some data off my laptop's main drive but still accessible, I bought a Firewire/IEEE-1394 hard drive enclosure and stuck a 120gb drive in it. Well, tonight when I plugged it in the drive, after having it roaming the house for the day, the drive wasn't identified by OSX - the drive was on, I could hear it purring away, but it wasn't actually doing anything. As it turns out, the enclosure is controlled by the Prolific PL3507 chipset that has reliability problems, which sucks.


CardRaider - great little app for recovering lost photos

Recently the HD in my main Mac died. While I had just made a full backup, I had also moved some pictures off our digital camera into iPhoto, causing me to lose about 60 pictures. Well, thanks to how digital photography software work (they don't fully erase pictures off memory cards, just do a partial delete) I stood a chance to recover the pictures using one of the file recovery tools available.



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