Beware Prolific PL3507-based Firewire enclosures


In the interests if keeping some data off my laptop's main drive but still accessible, I bought a Firewire/IEEE-1394 hard drive enclosure and stuck a 120gb drive in it. Well, tonight when I plugged it in the drive, after having it roaming the house for the day, the drive wasn't identified by OSX - the drive was on, I could hear it purring away, but it wasn't actually doing anything. As it turns out, the enclosure is controlled by the Prolific PL3507 chipset that has reliability problems, which sucks. Amusingly, the enclosure also has a USB connector, and when I plugged the drive in that way it worked! Go figure. So, time to get realistic with this and set up a Solaris & ZFS/RAIDZ-driven NAS, to heck with this silly single-drive, single point of failure BS, lets bring on some reliability for a change.

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