GitHub's importance cannot be understated


From people understanding its appeal in comparison to alternative (and aging) tools, to the continued en-masse migration of OSS projects over there (Tracks, mootools, Apple's brand spanking new sponsored sproutcore, etc), to the sheer joy of being able to easily contribute to your favorite projects, to even more people realizing its importance, GitHub has reinvigorated the OSS development world like nothing else in the past almost ten years, I think you'd have to go back to the original SourceForge launch to find something of equal importance. So if you haven't started at least learning how to use git and Github you owe yourself a few hours to do so, even if you're using Windows. Go on! Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on!

We came from the stars!


Pretty amazing discovery: a meteorite found in Australia had two base biological compounds not found in their particular forms on Earth, meaning they came from space. Holy crap, Batman, we're all aliens!

DD-WRT v24 is out!


The latest release of the excellent Linux-driven open router stack, DD-WRT, is finally out so you are all encouraged to try it. DD-WRT is a greatly enhanced replacement OS for network routers (both wired and wireless, or just a PC with cards!) which boasts an incredible amount of improvements over the out-of-the-box functionality - wifi strength boost, greatly extended configuration, dynamic DNS support, and lots, lots more. One really cool feature is the ability to take different hardware and link them all together in a mesh, which normally costs quite a bit to do. Great stuff.

mod_rails 2 RC is out, get it!


Anyone who does Ruby on Rails development should familiarize themselves with mod_rails aka Phusion Passenger as the brand new v2 RC is just amazing. Just take a look at those improvements: from buffered uploads so apps don't get stuck, to a tremendous reduction in the memory usage, Rack and WSGI support (yeah, it can run Python apps!), improved startup time... it's everything Rails needs to cross that last hurdle of acceptance with people who didn't like the deployment requirements for Mongrel et al. Awesome stuff!


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