Vista is infinitely breakable, megap0wnd!


Good news today via /. as a research team have discovered fundamental flaws in Windows Vista that make its "security" system completely useless and unable to be fixed to stop the flaw. In other words, WIndows Vista is broken and cannot be fixed. Yay :-)

Time for my D&D half-orc persona's ceremony of choice.

git-svn *does* work on Windows!


Huge thanks to the msysgit team for their hard work, because after some testing I've discovered that their git/git-svn port does work, whereas trying to get it working under Cygwin is a quite broken right now. Got git it!

Note: You need to get the Git-1.5.5-preview20080413.exe release if you want to try git-svn, the Git- release has a broken git-svn.

ICANN shows they are


Web developers are well used to doing certain data validations to ensure people are entering correct information into their websites. A perfect example of this is the common email address, which must follow a format of being in the format (something)@some.domain.(com) where the (com) part, the so-called Top-Level Domain (TLD) has to be one of a finite series of words - either "com", "org", "net", a limited number of others, plus the defined two-letter country codes. This makes it straight forward to ensure that people aren't trying to fill in junk into your form so that your boss / client can have the correct information they need for their visitors, for whatever reason.

Well, today this once straight forward process has taken a turn for the worst - the ICANN has announced any large organization can get a new TLD if they pay up. So once this starts rolling out, any company that wants to can have a http://www.i.rock/ just for themselves. This is going to be crazy!


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