ICANN shows they are http://stu.pid/


Web developers are well used to doing certain data validations to ensure people are entering correct information into their websites. A perfect example of this is the common email address, which must follow a format of being in the format (something)@some.domain.(com) where the (com) part, the so-called Top-Level Domain (TLD) has to be one of a finite series of words - either "com", "org", "net", a limited number of others, plus the defined two-letter country codes. This makes it straight forward to ensure that people aren't trying to fill in junk into your form so that your boss / client can have the correct information they need for their visitors, for whatever reason.

Well, today this once straight forward process has taken a turn for the worst - the ICANN has announced any large organization can get a new TLD if they pay up. So once this starts rolling out, any company that wants to can have a http://www.i.rock/ just for themselves. This is going to be crazy!

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