Think our laptop is old? Try this for size?

Attempting to get Windows 2000 Professional on our laptop was an interesting event, moreso because of drivers than anything else, but I never thought of trying Windows XP because everyone knows it has higher memory requirements, right? Take a look at this for size :-)


Software for our old laptop

After some testing a few nights ago with a few different Linux distribution so-called live CDs (CDs you can boot straight up into Linux, no install needed) I figured I'd try out Windows 2000 Professional on the laptop, and if we have problems with it I'll put on Fedora Core. This testing period also gives the Fedora folks more time to finish the new Fedora Core 5, which is due for launch in March.


Making an old laptop more usable

We've received an old Pentium 233/MMX laptop that has 64mb of RAM, a 10gb hard drive and is currently running Windows 98. I'm intending turning it into a basic Internet kiosk for our living room, which is definitely doable. The trick, however, will be to get it running a more powerful / stable operating system that can run the two basic services I want: web browsing and instant messaging.



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