I'm a tech hog


Today at work the network started behaving very oddly. We didn't have any network management (SNMP) tools on hand so I figured I'd boot up the Linux boot disc I had to use its tools, except that it doesn't have any as standard.

At that point I decided that it would be worth while installing it straight onto a spare machine (one of the old machines we're replacing, a tiny HP e-PC) and download the tools I'd need afterwards. Well, as part of doing that I also needed to set up some extra power outlets on my cube so with the help of my manager I've now wired it up so I have eighteen outlets under my desk. A little nuts, but some of them are positioned close enough for my manager to use on the cube next to me.

So connected to them I have my desktop PC with two 15" LCD screens, the older e-PC machine with another LCD, and a PowerMac G4 which I'll swap with the e-PC's screen when I need to use it. I also took the time to add another over-head cupboard to hold my books, and it had the side effect that my picture of Aidan (and wrapper from some Cadbury's chocolate) now stands out more.

I guess I'm just a tech hog.

Hardware failure: decisions, decisions


Last week I mentioned that we had two components of our main computer die - a hard drive and the video card. I sent the video card back for replacement and it turned out that particular model is no longer produced. Instead I'm being offered a comparable product, which uses the same "chipset" (i.e. same card, different sticker), or a refund. I'm going to go with a refund because in the six months since we bought first our card the prices have dropped significantly, so much so that we now have a choice in what to get:

  1. Pretty much the same card (nVidia Geforce 6200) but save $30.
  2. An upgraded version of the same card for the original amount, the nVidia Geforce 6600.
  3. A card with built-in video capture, but its slower than the one that failed on us, uses the X600XT chip by ATI.

I'm in a bit of a quandry as to what to do. I'd really like the video capture bit but that card is just terribly slow in comparison to even our older card, nevermind option #2 above. Ack!

Computer hardware failures suck!


This truly sucks! In the same day we had both a harddrive and video give up the ghost. The drive is out of warranty but the video card will be replaced/fixed by the store we got it from. The drive luckily didn't have anything irreplaceable on it, ironically I had put a lot of what was on it onto DVDs the other day, good timing or what. So, time to get our backup routine in order. <knocks-on-wood>


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