Floridians & journos still ignorant over scientific terms & concepts


Florida's government's ruling that evolution is a scientific theory, as part of a broad-spectrum updating of the state's educational standards, highlights just how ignorant the populace as a whole is of scientific terms and concepts. As mentioned before, a scientific theory is different to what most people think as a "theory", and as such evolution fits the term "scientific theory perfectly - remember that there are gaps in the theory which is why it hasn't become a scientific law yet, unlike the law of gravity or the laws of thermodynamics. So, proponents of evolution who complain that evolution is a "fact" need to re-read their science 101 text books, and the people who believe evolution is incorrect need to a) get their heads out of their posteriors and b) accept that just because they can't understand it or it wasn't in a 2000 year old story anthology doesn't mean it isn't true.

ArsTechnica chimes in on Florida's lack of evolution


One of the net's best sites for technical analysis on topics they cover, ArsTechnica, has chimed in on the hijinx in Florida's schools over evolution (as mentioned here previously), specifically their lack of evolution from creatures incapable of abstract thought ;-) The Ars author mentions, as I did, the apparent lack of education in those making the decisions as they don't seem to comprehend the concept of a "theory" and instead consider the several-thousand-year-old guesses from the christian bible to be more scientifically accurate than what has been thoroughly researched over the past few hundred years. Then again, the bible's stories may have been based on hundred's of years of research, but as the Library of Alexandria was destroyed/disappeared we'll most likely never know.

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