HD-DVD is dead, long live HD-DVD


With the recent mass defection from the HD-DVD camp to Sony's BluRay it has been only a matter of time before the other shoe dropped - hardware support. After the defections Toshiba started flogging their players for half what they were before Xmas, even with a bunch of movies thrown in for free, which was a very obvious sign of desperation. Sure enough, today Toshiba announced a halt of development of new HD-DVD hardware, and the other manufacturers can't be far behind. So, so long HD-DVD, it's been good.

One hidden boon of the announcement - HD-DVD players and discs should become very cheap as people start to off-load their gear to migrate to BluRay, and yes, I'm thinking of you, Serenity.

HD-DVD has won the high-def media format war?


It appears that HD-DVD will win the high-def media format war, if history is anything to go by.

History lesson: In the 1980's Sony's Betamax tape standard lost out to JVC's competing and technically inferior VHS tape standard primarily due to the adult entertainment industry's backing of the latter's lower production and media & equipment costs.

While Las Vegas's played host to 2007's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), down the street was the adult entertainment industry's annual convention where many studios announced support for the more affordable of the two new high-definition media standards: Microsoft's HD-DVD. While Sony's Blu-Ray is admittedly a superior technology, as Betamax was versus VHS, it is the media costs, production costs, playback-equipment costs and popularity of the players (in part due to Microsoft's XBox360's popularity, which has a HD-DVD player available for it, versus Sony's Playstation 3 with its Blu-Ray player) that has sold them.


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