Why noone cares about the XFiles 2 movie


In an interest to keep my mind off other matters.. An interesting rant against the XFiles 2 movie that opens this week. My take:

  • If you haven't seen The Dark Knight, go see it.
  • If you have seen The Dark Knight, go see it again.
  • If you've already seen it twice, got see Hellboy 2.
  • The show itself was so over-done by the end it was like the Griswald family christmas turkey.
  • Did I mention going to see The Dark Knight? Good. Do it.

Requiem for a Dream

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If you get a chance I thoroughly recommend the movie Requiem for a Dream, which you can watch online for free. It's an Oscar-nominated story of four people who become too heavily involved with and ultimately pay dearly for their growing addictions. All four main parts are played extraordinarily well, you are easily sucked into their stories, and it becomes more upsetting to see them loose control over their lives and loose sight of their dreams through their addictions, wishing that they'd see that making this one decision they'd start to recover.. At two hours long there are several disturbing parts, especially towards the climax , but it is worth sticking through to the end.


The Happening

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Don't bother going to see Manoj Shyamalan's latest movie, The Happening, instead sit comfortably at home/work and read through The New Republic's descriptions of the movie's "highlights". I must say, I've never heard of such a dumb movie, well, not since the last time someone offered to make a movie with Larry the Cable Guy.


HD-DVD is dead, long live HD-DVD


With the recent mass defection from the HD-DVD camp to Sony's BluRay it has been only a matter of time before the other shoe dropped - hardware support. After the defections Toshiba started flogging their players for half what they were before Xmas, even with a bunch of movies thrown in for free, which was a very obvious sign of desperation. Sure enough, today Toshiba announced a halt of development of new HD-DVD hardware, and the other manufacturers can't be far behind. So, so long HD-DVD, it's been good.

One hidden boon of the announcement - HD-DVD players and discs should become very cheap as people start to off-load their gear to migrate to BluRay, and yes, I'm thinking of you, Serenity.


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