Three positive things, day fifty eight (catching up)


(posting a few days late)

Thursday happened.

The first positive thing was someone posting a link to an (NSFW) interview with Amanda Palmer and two others that was part of her book tour from last year. I didn't know much of her before that, but I the interview left me very interested and wanting to know more of her work. Which led to..

The second positive thing was discovering that Ms Palmer had posted a full concert of her and some support artists from this past June.

The third thing Drupal training with my #awesomewife and her friend. Tonight we spent a lot of time talking about some things so only worked on text formats and some basic HTML, we'll get into images next time.

US Air Force flashmob band plays at Smithsonian museum, and we were there!


A few weeks ago we happened to visit the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and had a great ol' time. During the afternoon, while we were in one of the exhibits, I heard some music playing and thought they were starting to play some festive music because it was coming up to the holidays. Soon afterwards the music stopped and people could be seen walking around carrying musical instruments. I forget what I was doing at the time, or where I was going, but evidently I was distracted as I quickly completely forgot about seeing the musicians. That is, until today when my father-in-law told me about this video of a flashmob at the museum. I don't know if they did it multiple days, I suspect they did, but it was cool to be there.

Hilarious Wrecking Ball parody


The original Wrecking Ball music video was controversial as it was a major turning point in Miley Cyrus' career – the teen celebrity of olde had turned into a heavily sexed-up Madonna-wannabe of such ill calibre that even her alleged hero Sinead O'Connor wrote to her in an attempt to help her see the error of her ways. Anyway, from my perspective, the good part of the whole deal has be the hilarious parody music videos which have been put together, the best of which has to be the Chatroulette-themed version featuring a mostly naked guy cavorting and surprising the heck out of random strangers, whose reactions have been captured for time immortal.


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