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Testing a new anti-spam recipe [updated]

For the last while I've been using a combination of the reCAPTCHA service with the reCAPTCHA module, via the CAPTCHA module, and the http:BL module in an effort to reduce the volume of spam on my site, and they've been working really quite well since I upgraded the site to Drupal 7. Tonight I'm adding another item to the mix - the BOTCHA module that adds some additional tricks to help prevent spam. I'll see how it goes.

Update: After monitoring it for a little while, BOTCHA and CAPTCHA were blocking the exact same messages & actions, so I've disabled CAPTCHA entirely and will see how it goes for a while.

Site upgraded to Drupal 7

Over the past few days I did a very simple upgrade of my site from Drupal 6 to 7. I'm also working on a theme update and, you know, writing more, so stay tuned.

Bye bye Dreamhost & GoDaddy, hello HotDrupal, NameCheap & Google


After several hears calling Dreamhost the home for my website, I've moved the site to, a web hosting firm that specializes in Drupal hosting. So far, so good.

My main reasons for the move were:

  • Dreamhost throttled its web server to the point that my site was no longer able to run without throwing errors on 3/4 of logged-in pageviews, which caused rather horrid problems including causing most of the pages to stop work & menus disappear.
  • Dreamhost had no intention of changing this as it is part of their business plan - throttled, limited hosting at discounted rates.
  • While I could have gotten a VPS (virtual private server, kind of like a full server sliced into more manageable pieces) and had more, I didn't want to spend that much nor did I want to have to manage the server itself.

I'd like to say that I've never really had any problems with Dreamhost themselves, they've been very reliable over the past few years, it was just simply that with my site stopped being able to work I had to move elsewhere.

HotDrupal has been really good over the past few days while I got my account set up. They don't offer the earth, like some, instead they offer specialized yet flexible hosting and cover all of the basic needs if you don't specifically need to host a Drupal site.

I also took the opportunity to move the domain registration away from GoDaddy to NameCheap (affiliate link), a company that doesn't need to promote its services with scantily clad female racecar drivers. I've previously moved other domains to NameCheap and this was final one. Again, so far I like their services - lots of features for decent rates and they don't waste your time with tons of obstructive & annoying sales pitches on what felt every single page load like GoDaddy does.

Lastly, I've moved the domain's email hosting to Google Apps, just so that I could separate email from the website hosting, which will give me more flexibility to move it around as necessary, and avoid filling up my disk quota with my gb's of IMAP email.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks to Dave Reid for the NameCheap recommendation.

Making the site look more purdy

After ages of just using the Zen theme because I thought some day I'd get down 'n dirty with the CSS, I decided that it was foolish to think I'd some day get to build my own theme and picked an off-the-shelf theme from After testing a few different ones I settled on the Sky theme, which is flexible enough for what I need right now, other than a small adjustment to make the site slogan fit underneath the site name rather than pushed down underneath it.

Going to merge in content from another site

I've decided I'm going to merge in content from another site I run just because I no longer want to separate it from my other interests, so within the next week or two you'll see some old content fill in and probably a new category or three show up.


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