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Personal website switcharoonie

Since 2000 I've owned the mc-kenna.com domain. I've used it for various purposes over the years. One hope I had for the domain was that my family would be able to or interested in collaborating on it. It didn't work out that way and I ended up using it as my personal blog. That didn't quite sit right with me as I wanted the domain to be used by others, so along the way I picked up damienmckenna.com with a goal to make it my personal blog.


Bye bye Dreamhost & GoDaddy, hello HotDrupal, NameCheap & Google

After several hears calling Dreamhost the home for my website, I've moved the site to HotDrupal.com, a web hosting firm that specializes in Drupal hosting. So far, so good.

My main reasons for the move were:

  • Dreamhost throttled its web server to the point that my site was no longer able to run without throwing errors on 3/4 of logged-in pageviews, which caused rather horrid problems including causing most of the pages to stop work & menus disappear.


Why I don't use Cygwin for SFTP

In the UNIXy (UNIX, BSD, Linux, OSX) world secure file transfers have been the norm for years, thanks in part to the standardization of SSH as the security protocol due to both its simplicity and power. Windows, on the other hand, has never featured security as a very important feature, evidenced by the ellaborate routes someone must take to handle SSL in IIS.


Backup script for RimuHosting

A handy little one - a backup script for RimuHosting that will backup your Rails app and copy it to the provided backup storage account. To use it you first have to add Geoffrey Grosenbach's backup.rake script to your lib/tasks directory, then sign up for RimuHosting's backup service, then just save out this script as e.g. "backup.sh" and add it to your crontab.



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