(not going to finish) Production web serving with Cygwin - PHP, Ruby on Rails & ColdFusion

Note: I'm not going to finish this article as ultimately I ran into problems with Cygwin so migrated to running all Windows-native tasks. Still, in its raw state someone might find some use out of it.


Why I don't use Cygwin for SFTP

In the UNIXy (UNIX, BSD, Linux, OSX) world secure file transfers have been the norm for years, thanks in part to the standardization of SSH as the security protocol due to both its simplicity and power. Windows, on the other hand, has never featured security as a very important feature, evidenced by the ellaborate routes someone must take to handle SSL in IIS.


MySQL + Rails on Cygwin tip

Here's a really quick tip for anyone using Rails on Cygwin. If you want to connect to a MySQL database the understood practice is to compile MySQL and go through the hassle of getting it all working within Cygwin itself. After what I've gone through with it all, the best way of getting this combination to work is to:


Compiling software is a pain - Cygwin, PHP, MySQL

I'm working on a lengthy article explaining how to install a bunch of web server software in Cygwin and I've found that I have to manually compile several key pieces. While I'm not unwilling to do this, the sheer hassle of having to go back 'n forth testing different configuration and installation options is a pain.



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