(not going to finish) Production web serving with Cygwin - PHP, Ruby on Rails & ColdFusion

Note: I'm not going to finish this article as ultimately I ran into problems with Cygwin so migrated to running all Windows-native tasks. Still, in its raw state someone might find some use out of it.


World's worst industry publication ceases

Sys-Con have finally put to rest what I’ve thought was an utterly horrible magazine, the ColdFusion Developer’s Journal. Between an utterly useless website that bombards you with 80% advertisements / 20% content, and a magazine with fraud printed all over it (not paying authors, using blog articles without consent, increasing subscription rates, ignoring their own volunteer editorial board), the ColdFusion industry is much better off without them.


Access queries as structs in ColdFusion

Did you know that in ColdFusion you don't have to loop through a query to access specific elements of the query?... Instead of having to go through the hassle of looping an array just to find one field, if you know the field and row number you can just do this: <cfset variable = query[column_name][row_number] /> e.g.: <cfset variables.product_name = variables.q_products[name][5] /> Thanks to Ben Nadel for that.



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