Fusebox 5.5-alpha documentation released


If, as a web developer, you aren't structuring your code in a clean fashion then you owe it to yourself to use a pre-existing code framework rather than reinventing the wheel.

In the ColdFusion world one of the oldest and still most popular is Fusebox, a framework that has gone through many major changes over the years and unfortunately has gotten a bit more complicated with each release. That complexity is going by the wayside with the upcoming v5.5 release as a number of improvements will greatly simplify developing applications using it.

Key benefits to all users are the use of convention over configuration to leave you with almost configuration-free applications, and the ability to use ColdFusion Components (CFCs) as circuits. These two features alone would make it a very worthwhile release, but the lead develeper, Sean Corfield, has many more lined up.

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