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Personal website switcharoonie


Since 2000 I've owned the domain. I've used it for various purposes over the years. One hope I had for the domain was that my family would be able to or interested in collaborating on it. It didn't work out that way and I ended up using it as my personal blog. That didn't quite sit right with me as I wanted the domain to be used by others, so along the way I picked up with a goal to make it my personal blog. Eight years later I've finally moved my personal blog from to, so I don't feel guilty anymore about publishing under my name.

I also plan to write more here, so lets see how this goes.

New home for the website


After several months waiting to do so, I've finally moved this site to Drupal. Right now the content has been moved over and I've set up most of the bare features I wanted, but I still have to finish some functionality and, obviously, make it not look quite so horrible. More updates will be arriving over the coming weeks, stay tuned!

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