Exchange Server login name


For ages I had problem with the login name with the email system they have at work, Microsoft Exchange Server 2000. While it would work fine via the MAPI or web interfaces, I couldn't get it to work via POP3 or IMAP4. Searching online brought up the notion of using a special sequence as the login name, domain\username\mailbox, so it'd be something like geeksrv\Damien McKenna\dmckenna. Well, turned out that wasn't correct and today I finally got it, I needed to do domain\ntloginname\exchangealias which ends up being completely different than the other one. Thought you admin-types might like to know. v2 is out!


A day for celebration, v2 has finally finished its six months of simmering time and is ready for consumption. It's a large download (75mb) so definitely don't try getting it if you have a modem connection to the net, but the rest of you should definitely give it a shot.

FYI is a completely free replacement for Microsoft Office that is really quite easy to use, has an open file format (meaning you'll still be able to read your files in ten years) and doesn't restrict you to only using Windows so you can use it on Linux or other OSes.

Data backups are large!


I just finished compiling the list of files I want to backup on our tape drive - 37gig! Good thing that we got a 35/70gig drive or it'd have never all fit!

Norway gives 100% control of public video to Microsoft, MS gets angry


Norway has announced that they will be making 20,000 video clips and twelve radio stations available online. The only problem is that it is tied to Microsoft's Windows Media Center Edition software which must be installed on your PC before you can view any of it. This rules out anyone who either doesn't have the money to buy this special edition of Windows, who doesn't have the expertise to install it, or who doesn't use or want to use Windows in the first place e.g. Mac or Linux users. Note that all of this content is paid for by taxpayers, just like the media in many other countries including Ireland.

A British author and rights activist, Cory Doctorow, wrote a nice article explaining why this was a bad decision for Norway to make, with many excellent points brought up for discussion. Not to let someone else have the last word, a Microsoft employee wrote a defensive article calling Doctorow a communist and a liar, completely avoided answering the key points raised and instead lies himself. In defense to the accusations Doctorow has written a rebuttal to Microsoft's tirade.

Gotta love what happens when you call shenanegans on a large company.


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