Google Talk, further comments


A few other quick things about Google Talk.

  • Firstly the program only uses about 2mb of memory while loaded, very little in comparison to most chat programs.
  • Secondly you can use GoogleTalk (GTalk?) using either Gaim or Trillian Pro (not the free Trillian Basic) so you don't even have to install Google's software if you don't want.
  • To actually use Google Talk you need to have a GMail account, let me know if you don't have one and I'll send you an invitation.
  • Once you get on you can get me at

Google's new IM program


Google has just released an online chat program, dubbed Google Talk, that has three noteworthy features:

  • The program is tiny, the installer is only 900kb whereas most chat programs these days run 10mb or more. This means that even modem users could download it quickly.
  • It has built in support for doing voice "calls" to other users, you just need a microphone.
  • Its based on open standards so it can easily work with other chat programs, and in fact they even explain how to use many existing chat programs to work with their service!

Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

Mind-bending game!


Here's an awesome yet extremely simple game. All you have to do is move around a series of connected dots so that none of the lines are overlapping. Sounds easy? Well, it gets very hard very quickly. Worth wasting an hour on :)


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