Diablo 2 works on newer macOS releases?!?

While looking at how to get the Diablo 3 expansion pack for our eldest I discovered that Blizzard had updated Diablo 2 to run on newer releases of macOS! Nice! As always they have this tiny downloader program you get from their site, then the full installer is a 1.5gb download from within that app. I'll let you know how it goes.


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

The latest installment in that wonderful series Black Mirror, Bandersnatch is extra unusual in that it is a choose-your-own-adventure game built into the TV show. Instead of just passively watching the show you have to make choices along the way, by clicking on one of two options presented at the bottom of the screen. Initially the choices are innocuous - what cereal to eat, what music to listen to, etc.

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