October 2009

A Friend of Mine

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At times difficult to follow because of the imperfect subtitles that lagged the dialog by about two seconds, this was an interesting story of a quiet, self-dubbed "mysterious" guy who, through dissatisfaction with his high ranking job as an insurance investigator, starts to really live his life rather than float along.  Though very slow, I really enjoyed it.

Thanks to Hulu.com for sharing it :-)


Helping to make DrupalEasy again

The Most Excellent gentlemen Ryan Price and Mike Anello had me on their DrupalEasy.com podcast again this week. The main theme of the show was Drupal conferences - they discussed DrupalCon Paris which they both attended while I covered the regional DrupalCamp Atlanta, followed up with an announcement of the forthcoming DrupalCamp Florida 2010.



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