March 2020

RIP my nephew Elliott Seamus Patrick McKenna Roddy

My wonderful sister and her husband lost their child after a long uphill battle against the odds. Dearest Elliott Seamus Patrick McKenna Roddy passed away quietly in his mother's arms on Saturday, March 21st, with his dad at her side and his two grandmothers in support. Please keep them in your thoughts.

Why the "Lost in Space" is a huge Meh

I've watched both seasons of the "Lost in Space" reboot on Netflix and I've found it to be monumentally meh. While it is true that space is life in "Hard" mode, IMHO there were several pieces that made me think the show runners / script writers either just didn't either think things through, or were told to really dial down the realism.


Never thought this would be the scenario I wouldn't be able to travel for

When my nephew Elliott's health started taking a turn for the worse, my first thought was to start preparing for the possibility of needing to make a trip to Ireland to be with my family. Unfortunately with the COVID-19 pandemic uprooting the entire world, flying is both not recommended due to the viral load component of virus transmission, and also not easily achieved because so many airlines have stopped their flights.


COVID-19, physical separation, grocery shopping and children

COVID-19 is here, though so far our family are doing ok - it has been eight days since our last venture out of the house and we're not showing symptoms, so it's so far so good.

We've actually been wondering how to handle a scenario where both my wife and I become ill, and how to manage grocery shopping and food preparation for our three children. There's potential for us both to fall ill and be unable to cook for everyone for two-ish weeks.

There are a few aspects to this.