Three positive things, day thirty two


Saturday! Woot!

The first positive thing was taking a little time this morning to dig my way through a bunch of bug reports (and fixes) for a Drupal plugin (aka "module") that I maintain that interacts with Twitter, which I happen to use on this site. I figure I'm about a week or two away from releasing the first new versions the module has had in several years.

The second positive thing was going out with the family for a bit of post-dinner play time at a local school playground. We had the place to ourselves, so it was quiet and pretty relaxing, and myself and our two eldest ran our legs off playing tag.

The third positive thing was joining our two eldest for a round of Just Dance 3. Tonight's tune was "Da Funk" from Daft Punk, a tune I was familiar with, but I'd never seen the game's dance moves before. Anyway, long story short, the game thought I did a better job that the other two - I still got it ;-)

Three positive things, day thirty


So, this is my thirtieth post. Woot.

The first positive thing today was finally finishing a tiny little Drupal module I wrote a while ago, mostly thanks to someone else out of the blue uploading some improvements for it. And that's how open source works :)

The second positive thing today was awesomewife setting up our small paddling pool for kids to play in. She then brought out Kian's small slide and set it up for him to slide into the pool - needless to say it was huge hit and he had a huge smile on his face when they came back in.

The third positive thing was getting back to doing the Drupal class with awesomewife and her friend and finally start to get somewhere with it. They're now finally getting into creating content, so next week we'll work on filling out their starter sites a little more. Baby steps.

My Drupal contrib plans for August, updated


A few weeks ago I posted my plans for my personal Drupal contributions for the next month-or-so. I wanted to give a minor update on what I'd managed to achieve so far.

My next goals are:

  • New releases for the Twitter module for D6 and D7, probably -beta1 releases because there are a few additional changes that are needed before they're "final".
  • A new release for the Fieldable Panels Panes to add some missing permissions.
  • A new branch for the Nodewords module to add token and content type functionality that may result in some API changes.
  • Work on the NERDSummit / NEDCamp presentation.

Once the first three are done then I'll start back onto Panelizer.

Three positive things, day twenty five


So today was Saturday - my #awesomewife took our kids to some museums in Western Massachusetts while I worked on some things.

The first positive thing was getting huge smiles from Kian when he woke up. Some mornings he's fussy when he wakens up, but this morning he was all smiles.

The second positive thing was finally remember / getting the time to submit sessions to two upcoming web development conferences - NERDSummit in September and NEDCamp in October. I plan on doing the same presentation at both camps, all about open source and based upon my keynote speech from last year's NERDSummit. Should be fun!

The third positive thing was dipping my toes into Drupal 7's defacto e-commerce system "Drupal Commerce" a little more and releasing a small module to solve a specific use case. The goal was to provide a complete product list on the checkout form, so that visitors could fill in what they want and checkout at the same time, rather than having to do it in multiple steps. I'll probably have to do a little more work on it, but it's a reasonably solid start.

Three positive things, day twenty three


(this is for Thursday)
This was a somewhat humdrum day.

The first positive thing was working with someone on a bug in a thing in Drupal. My coworker identified the scenario that triggered the bug, and I set about fixing it. While digging into the problem I realized that the thing never would have worked properly the way it had been written, it was always going to have this blatant mistake. It took a little bit but I rewrote part of the logic to avoid triggering the problem, and then wondered why nobody else had fixed this in the probably ten years that this piece of the Drupal puzzle had been around. There's a little bit more to do to tidy up the code and confirm it works correctly for all scenarios, but it's over 90% there.

The other positive things were pretty small - leftovers from some amazing previous meals for lunch & dinner, and some time discussing our vacation plans for later this summer. Like I said, it was a little humdrum.


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