JRun going into hibernation


Anyone who has used ColdFusion will have heard of JRun, the out-of-the-box Java server that ColdFusion runs on top of. For many years people wondered whether JRun was going to be continued as a separate product or ditched entirely, especially seeing competing products go through multiple major releases while it sat by the way-side. Well, it seems the final decision is somewhere in the middle.

Adobe, who bought Macromedia a few years ago and took over the JRun reigns, have decided that they don't want to continue JRun as a separate product, instead have merged its development team into the ColdFusion team where it will continue to be enhanced as needed to run the Java-based engine.

So, for anyone using JRun as a stand-alone product, I'd suggest starting to research alternatives, if you haven't already; for 95% of ColdFusion developers - don't bat an eyelid, this news makes absolutely no difference to you unless you're also running separate Java apps.

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