House back to normal


On the midnight of January 4th/5th our house flooded. Last Friday, March 7th, some nine weeks later, the last bit of repair work was completed. It has been two of the most frustrating months of my life, but ultimately we're coming out of it with what feels like an almost new house, which is giving us a vigor to get other parts of our lives in order. We've painted, rearranged, built a wall, done a major overhaul of the bathroom, and gotten rid of about 30 bags and boxes of stuff we no longer needed, and feel we have the space to actually live in our house again. As the old saying goes "every cloud has a silver lining" and I definitely feel that way about our year so far.

Now back to having a "normal" 2008.

Lucky to be alive, car maintenance is important!


IMG_6388.jpgMy wife took our aging 2001 Mazda Protege in to Discount Tires for what should have been a normal visit to get the wheels rotated and balanced. Well, life around here is never that simple. No sooner than she had dropped the car off and told them what was needed than one of the workers came over and wanted to show her something on the wheel. As it turned out there was a huge crack in the wheel (see left) that completely severed one of its five spokes. The employee explained that a) it couldn't be fixed, b) it needed to be replaced immediately, c) we were lucky it didn't come apart while on the highway, putting all of our lives at risk. True enough, I tend to enjoy driving on the highways so it was extremely lucky the wheel didn't explode while "keeping up with traffic" on I-4 or the '417 highway. So for now, we're using our full-size spare until we can get the moolah together to replace the broken wheel. Yikes.

me *hearts* new mini heater


A few weeks ago I picked up a small heater at Lowes as a) it was on sale, b) I've got circulation problems so if I get cold when typing my fingers go numb. Amusingly it still gets a little cold in Florida occasionally, so for $11 it was worth picking up to have available if it was needed. Today the room I was going to be working in was a bit too cool for my liking - the windows had been open to dry paint, so it was a perfect time to try out the heater. Well I must say it was worth the $11 - it has a digital temperature gauge, an oscillating fan, a timer, and best of all, you don't just set it on or off, you set a temperature and it automatically turns on/off as needed. Excellent stuff.

Back to normality


After several weeks of trying to do everything yet accomplishing nothing (or so it seemed), this week we've turned ourselves around and started living better, starting with a stronger separation of church and state, er, I mean work and home. We started off with a trip to the chiropractor, picked up breakfast, then spent some time painting the bedroom together. Now I'm going to work for a few hours and later will take a break away from it, then work some more - rinse, repeat. Amusingly this way we'll actually accomplish more for our day than otherwise, and this morning has so far been a lot more fun and less stressful than previously, which is exactly what it should be.

Happy Birthday Lego!


Lego was 50 years old yesterday. I was a huge Lego fan as a child, my parents would get me a new set for my birthday every year, and over the years it built up into a huge collection of pieces. We've passed this love of Lego on to our two children, who both have great fun playing with their duplo, especially our eldest who makes some awesome spaceships and airplanes (and robots, and dinosaurs...).


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