Three positive things, day twenty two


Today was a relatively average Wednesday.

The first positive thing was someone I work with on that project I mentioned yesterday sending me a surprise gift as a thank you for yesterday's late night efforts. There was a bit more tidying and optimizing to do this morning, but it appears to have worked well for an important demo they were doing today. Thanks Jason!

The second positive thing was my #awesomewife making her amazing lettuce wraps for lunch. They're one of the few things that our family could eat almost every meal for a week and not really grow tired of. I think I've mentioned them before, and this probably won't be the last time either ;-)

The third positive thing was #awesomewife getting a bunch of preparation work done for next year's homeschooling. She has more to go, but a few hours today got through a large chunk of it. Getting through this work now also means that she'll have a more relaxed time for the next few weeks before the next year starts, because it won't be hanging over her head.

Three positive things, day twenty-one


(posting a day late)
So, Tuesday.

The first positive thing was an accident that could have been nasty. While he was helping to put away the dishes from the dishwasher, our eldest stacked up several glass storage containers inside of each other. While he was lifting a stack of them up into the cupboard, they slipped out of his hands and landed on top of another large one that was on the counter, smashing it and throwing chunks of glass all over the kitchen. We shooed the kids out of the kitchen, locked the cats in various rooms, and spent ages cleaning it all up. I had to stop the cleanup efforts after a while because of a call for work, so my #awesomewife had to continue working on it. So, in the end we've lost almost of our glass storage dishes. The good part of all that? There wasn't a scratch on our eldest, even though he was right in front of the glass explosion, and nobody else was injured. Phew!

The second positive thing was realizing just how much of an awesome job our kids have been doing to keep the house clean. They've taken on (given) a number of chores each week, and as a result the house has been looking better than ever.

The third positive thing was resolving a rather problematic bug in a project at work - it took almost all day, but a bug that has been bothering us on-and-off for about two weeks is finally fixed. Phew, again!

Three positive things, day nineteen


The last day of the week, or the start of a new one - either which way, it was Sunday.

The first positive thing was getting out and playing at a local park with the kids in-between the morning's storms. The rain put a slight damper on our plans for the day, but it was over in about twenty minutes so we went back to another park a short time later.

The second positive thing was discovering that Gamestop had tied my purchase of the Diablo 3 expansion pack to my account in their system, so when I showed up at a store to ask what to do with a receipt that had its oh-so-important serial number erased due to store clerk error, the were able to say "did you check your digital locker" which was exactly where it was. Now #awesomewife can charge ahead and see what happens after she defeats Diablo.. again ;)

The third positive thing was planning to take a short vacation in a few weeks - should be lots of fun, and it'll be great to finally take one during the summer. I can't wait! :-)

Three positive things, day eighteen


So, Saturday happened.

The first positive thing was watching the movie It Follows. It was surprisingly creepy and very well done for such a low budget movie. Definitely recommended, if you're into scary movies.

The second positive thing was discovering there's a huge Lego installation at a "children's" museum in Manchester - the rest of the gang went exploring and found it, so we'll have to go back again soon so I can see it too.

The third positive thing was having a good time at a local park, and bumping into a local family we've started to get to know a bit.

Three positive things, day seventeen


So, that was Friday.

The first positive thing was that I finished my work for the week in enough time to help with dinner, and I completed enough hours on an important project so that troop leader won't be worried about my quota ;-)

The second positive thing was a small thing, but I released a new version of a plugin for Drupal that's in use by at least a quarter of a million websites and has been downloaded over a million times. No pressure ;-) The new version fixes some bugs and will make it easier to avoid other bugs in future.

The last positive thing was uncovering a bunch of knots in Jen's back. While this isn't necessarily a good thing, we discovered them before she took the kids on a long drive to a new museum tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to loosen them up enough before she heads off to avoid problems while they're exploring.


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