Three positive things, day fifty six (catching up)


(Posting a few days late)

Today was Tuesday so that meant..

The first positive thing was my weekly ukulele class. Yes, it was fun, yes, I learned some new things, yes, I need to practice more :)

The second positive thing was that my burns from the weekend are healing, and we used it as a learning exercise for the kids - i.e. always wear sunblock, otherwise you end up looking like Daddy.

The third positive thing was deciding what my first tune would be to each Aidan and Liam to play the ukulele. More on that later.

Three positive things, day fifty five


Hello Monday!

The first positive thing was taking our car in because the TPMS was giving warnings when driving on highways, only for them to say that it looked like it was misfiring from the tires being soft. Fingers crossed.

The second positive thing was doing some more Drupal training with #awesomewife. She's slowly but surely improving the content for her site, and started having our kids help with it.

The third positive thing was putting some detail to my plans for Drupal training, based on what I've been doing with #awesomewife and her friend. I'm going to discuss it with a friend and co-worker tomorrow and hopefully we'll start a local group in the coming weeks.

Three positive things, day fifty four


Today was another rather busy day.

The first positive thing was .. hitting the beach again! After #awesomewife woke up she and I discussed what to do for the day - I was eyeing getting busy on some chores and cleaning the house up a bit, but she wanted to get out and so we looked up some beaches in NH. She found one site that listed the top beaches in NH (there are a bunch, though obviously most of them at lakes) and, after skipping the majority as they were a two+ hour drive away, we settled on a public beach at Lake Sunapee, which was only about a 45 minute drive through the gorgeous hills of mid-West NH. We got there when there was only about a dozen cars in the parking lot, set out our blanket & over-sized beach umbrella, then we all hit the water for an hour.

The second positive thing was doing the parental summertime-at-a-beach thing after a small picnic lunch - having a (brief) nap while the rest played ;-)

The third positive thing was arriving home after it all, everyone happy from the fun day at the beach, and discovering places where I hadn't quite gotten enough suntan lotion on - I had patches of burnt-red skin over my torso and limbs, the worst spot being my right shoulder. Why am I considering this a good thing? Because it has been so long since we've just spent the day outside playing, it felt like an achievement! A very red, sore-looking award. That has had a bunch of Badger After-Sun Balm applied multiple time. But an achievement none-the-less :)

Three positive things, day fifty three


We had a pretty good Saturday.

The first positive thing was Kian running over to me and saying "Daddy, I have a neen na-neen!" - I have a green dragon. While we haven't been pushing him to learn colors, it's neat that he's picking them up on his own.

The second positive thing was getting a really great picture from #awesomewife of all three kids together, with all three of them smiling and not pulling silly faces :) I've set it up as my laptop's desktop pic and will probably see about framing it, it's that good!

The third positive thing was Kian having his first apple. Now, he's had apple chunks before, but this was the first time that he got to sit down and just chew into a full apple on his own. And oh my but did he enjoy it! I had to direct him on which parts to eat because he was working his way through the seeds in the middle, and he had a shower afterwards because he the apple juice got everywhere, but he now has a renewed interest in apples :)

Three positive things, day fifty two


Today was another 9/80 Friday off, so we got up to some fun.

The first positive thing was my #awesomewife deciding that we should take a trip East, starting with a rather nice "children's museum" (read: indoor playground with lots of themed ejumicashunol areas) in Dover, NH.

The second positive thing was going from the museum to the beach, via a small ice-cream stand. We ended up doing things somewhat in reverse - we weren't originally going to get in the water so didn't have the older kids change into their swimming gear, but because we were trying to keep the beach-time a little tight so we could get home for a bowling game, we decided to let them just get in the water with their clothes and then change into their swimming gear for the way home. I took care of Kian playing near the beach where the water was shallow, while #awesomewife kept an eye on the other two who went further out to where they could swim a bit. While we didn't say long - less than an hour total, we all had a great time.

The third positive thing was seeing our eldest absolutely pass out on the way home, and then once we got home he went straight to bed and slept through 'til morning. He was one tired kid and slept about eleven hour in total. It's not often that he sleeps that much, so it was good to see that he didn't try staying awake and just let himself sleep.


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