Redmine has a fully-working MantisBT importer

A recent developed in Redmine -land is an importer for MantisBT, a leading PHP-based project management tool. While the first release of the importer I tried had some problems and ultimately only released a tiny amount of the tasks, the current release (code revision 669) worked just great and converted everything.


Improve Redmine's client management options

Out of the box Redmine doesn't look like it has a lot of options for managing clients, but you'd be wrong - with a little customizing you can at least fake it. There are two parts to this - set up a new user group and add some custom fields for users.

The first step is to create a new user group called Client:


Automatically link Redmine tasks with Subversion code

Here's a really great feature of Redmine that I just love. When you are committing code changes in Subversion, if you enter an issue/task number preceeded by a pound sign, e.g. #42, when you view the repository in RedMine it will automatically link to the task number from the commit message. Very handy!


Tip: Moving RedMine to another server, don't forget the files

This past week I moved an install of RedMine from one server to another, or rather I just moved the database over and checked out the SVN code again. After getting it going correctly I promptly forgot about the fact it was at a new location and just worked away on my assigned tasks. Well, as it turns out I'd completely forgotten about the uploaded files, which now wouldn't download anymore.


Redmine - excellent RoR-based project management tool

I've just been converted to a tool called Redmine, a combination of the ubiquitous Trac and something like ActiveCollab. Able to work directly with Subversion code repositories, Redmine gives you support for multiple projects, per-project tasks, content management (blog, news, document management, wiki), both a calendar and GANTT chart to view progress, a very comprehensive user management system that can even authenticate against LDAP (i.e.


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