New Slayers season on the way!

There's a new season coming soon of Slayers, my favorite anime created by Hajime Kanzaka. Slayers has thus far spanned three awesome seasons and has several side stories compiled as standalone episodes. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in anime or looking to try something different. As to when it'll be available in outside of Japan (or as fansubs)?


iTunes TV shows - worth trying out

(Originally started in December 2006)

My wife and I don't watch much TV, primarily because we cancelled our TV cable subscription several years ago. While we are both fans of science fiction shows there simple was too much junk on aside from two or three shows to spend upwards of $60 each month, and we also wanted to move towards more constructive ways of spending our time. However, there are still those one or two shows we really enjoy and wish to keep up with, without having to wait a year or more for the episodes to be released on DVD. Enter what is currently IMHO the best alternative solution to our predicament - iTunes!


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