September 2015

Met some new friends

Today I met some new friends. One of them, Carlos, is a Red Brahma / Red Holstein cross that's so large their measuring tape is to small and they need to get a new one, which meant he weighs at least 2,500lbs; his back was up to the top of my head, which is larger than any bovine I've ever met before. Crazy. Even when we met Carlos' brother, who's about 1,000lbs lighter, he couldn't stay away. Jealous Carlos is jealous.

Contrib update for early September (updated)

So after several months' of work last week I finally got new releases out for the Twitter module. And then this morning released more updates because a few bugs had snook their way in. Sorry about that. I do hope the new versions will keep people content for a while - if you, your client or your employer's site(s) use the module, please consider giving some back (on company/client time!) through helping with the issue queue as there are still a good many feature requests and patches that need some TLC.


Three positive things, day fifty six (catching up)

(Posting a few days late)

Today was Tuesday so that meant..

The first positive thing was my weekly ukulele class. Yes, it was fun, yes, I learned some new things, yes, I need to practice more :)

The second positive thing was that my burns from the weekend are healing, and we used it as a learning exercise for the kids - i.e. always wear sunblock, otherwise you end up looking like Daddy.

The third positive thing was deciding what my first tune would be to each Aidan and Liam to play the ukulele. More on that later.


Three positive things, day fifty seven (catching up)

(posting a few days late)

Today was Wednesday and that meant...

The first positive thing was Kian picking up a potato from a box of spuds his mum had brought home from the store, and then just running around the house with it. I don't know whether to blame that on some genetic memory of his Irish heritage that tells him potatoes are important, or he was just being a toddler, but either way.. lol!


Three positive things, day fifty eight (catching up)

(posting a few days late)

Thursday happened.

The first positive thing was someone posting a link to an (NSFW) interview with Amanda Palmer and two others that was part of her book tour from last year. I didn't know much of her before that, but I the interview left me very interested and wanting to know more of her work. Which led to..


Three positive things, day sixty (catching up)

(posting a few days late)

Le weekend!

The first positive thing today was .. hitting the beach! As with last weekend, we decided to head to the coast, so we drove the 2 1/2 hours to just inside the Maine border. We took a bit more precaution this time than last, so there weren't any sunburns, and we had some good fun.


Three positive things, day sixty one (catching up)

(posting a day late)

After the busy Saturday we had a quieter Sunday.

The first positive thing was having a cup of Starbucks for the first time in... ages. And it was their Pumpkin Spice Latte. And it was definitely better than previous years - not as sickeningly sweet, so thanks for the improvement, Starbucks.


Three positive things, day sixty three

Back on a normal schedule again, today was the first work day of my week, and Tuesday.

The first positive thing was something that happened with #awewsomewife when she took Aidan to his apple-picking job. There were so many apples on the ground that she went from walking around with Kian to helping Aidan pick apples. She also asked Kian to help, and he'd walk around, see an apple and then say "apple - peekabo, I found you!" I wish I could have seen it, but it was quite the story :)


Review: Gravity Ghost

A highly recommended game that's a one of the most creative and original I've seen. A cross between an interactive story and a Mario Galaxy-style physics puzzler, the game is incredibly fun to play. It's simple & colorful pencil & paper -style graphics work remarkably well for this story, and its music is gorgeous. While the game is short and many will finish it within a few hours of play, it's such an enjoyable experience it should be very replayable.