Bug in Drupal Panels v2.0rc1a to watch for

There's a bug in Drupal module Panels v2.0rc1a which you may need to keep an eye out for. If you happen to be using the default_panel_minis() hook to programmatically load minipanels you won’t be able to edit or export the minipanel once it has been loaded:

The only way I’ve found to work with the minipanel from that point is to paste the exact same code from the default_panel_minis() hook into the importer. A bit of a bug, you might say.


I just love Drupal's architecture - export & API hooks

While the architecture itself is improving with age, I just love that so many modules have followed Drupal's concepts and have added API hooks all over the place. For example, in the new Panels 2 you can export panels to files then set them up in a module with e.g. a default_panel_minis hook to have them automatically loaded. This allows you then to develop complex views and panels locally, push your module to the production server and have the new views and panels automatically show up - pure awesomeness!


Problems with Drupal 5 - clumsy record sorting

More of a problem for administrators than site visitors, and definitely more of a nuisance than a real problem, it can be frustrating dealing with lists of records in Drupal 5, especially when you need to resort or reorder the list. A perfect example is using the Nodequeue module, one of the most popular modules which lets you create a queue of articles/nodes so you can e.g. manually create a list of top stories for the week; it's interface for managing the queue looks like this:


Dupe Windows drive images in VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a pretty good virtual machine system from Sun Microsystems that has several key benefits:

  • It's free, whereas most others are commercial and can cost a chunk of change,
  • It's multiplatform, so a company can standardize on it across all of their supported systems.

It seems to be pretty capable in regards to running client operating systems - it has a menu which lets it automatically configure itself for a wide variety of Windows releases, UNIX distributions, etc.



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