Hot to fix a suicidal Cisco VPN client on OSX


After starting to use the Cisco VPN client to do remote work on my McBook, I noticed that it would give an oh-so-useful "Error 51: Unable to communicate with the VPN subsystem" error fairly often, like this:


As it turns out the Cisco kernel extension is a bit flaky and craps out, so you have to restart it. Thankfully Anders Brownworth at worked out how to fix this inane Error 51 thing. Thanks Anders!

Ecto is seriously p###ing me off


I was close to finished a rather long comparison of On The Job and OfficeTime but Ecto managed to loose the content for a second time. DAMNIT!

git-svn *does* work on Windows!


Huge thanks to the msysgit team for their hard work, because after some testing I've discovered that their git/git-svn port does work, whereas trying to get it working under Cygwin is a quite broken right now. Got git it!

Note: You need to get the Git-1.5.5-preview20080413.exe release if you want to try git-svn, the Git- release has a broken git-svn.


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