Mozy Backup - 2gb of online encrypted backup for free

I've mentioned Mozy Backup before, a service that gives you 2gb of free online backup space for your Windows or Mac computer. Well they've just released their "version 1.0" update for the Mac software so I think it's time to give it a go, you have nothing to loose. One minor note - I really wouldn't recommend trying the service if you only have a dialup internet service, it will take a long time to upload your data on a modem though once the first backup is finished additional ones should run pretty quickly for most people.


SAP sued over typical IT bullcrap (thanks Obie)

Obie Fernandez, who gave a really insightful presentation recently at acts_as_conference, has commented on the news that SAP is being sued for $100m for lying about their product as they attempted to sell a massive software system to Waste Management. Having worked in IT for a decade, and having read every bit of published material I could get my hands on for a good decade before that, I must admit this is not in the least bit surprising.


I hate spam

Just a little note to say that I hate email spam. I really do. I get about 190 of them per day, which all have to be verified as spam as my filters occasionally block something that isn't spam, maybe two or three per week. So as a result of the economics of spam (the numbers haven't changed much in six years), I have to check about 1300 message per week to ensure that I don't miss anything important.



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