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Nested controllers with Goldberg (UPDATE: fixed in v0.2.1)

The Rails plugin Goldberg is really quite good for kick-starting a site with its permissions system and basic CMS. There is one small bug in it though, it doesn't like adding nested controllers in the admin console. There is, however, a simple work-around: simply go to e.g.:


Improve Redmine's client management options

Out of the box Redmine doesn't look like it has a lot of options for managing clients, but you'd be wrong - with a little customizing you can at least fake it. There are two parts to this - set up a new user group and add some custom fields for users.

The first step is to create a new user group called Client:


Tip: Moving RedMine to another server, don't forget the files

This past week I moved an install of RedMine from one server to another, or rather I just moved the database over and checked out the SVN code again. After getting it going correctly I promptly forgot about the fact it was at a new location and just worked away on my assigned tasks. Well, as it turns out I'd completely forgotten about the uploaded files, which now wouldn't download anymore.



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